HOW to play nfs most wanted multiplayer by LAN

Follow these steps

  1. Collect your own copy of NFS most wanted CD from your local store or download from internet.
  2. Install to you computer.
  3. Crack it as usual [ replacing speed.exe file]
  4. Download this  .zip file. It has 3 files it – 2 registry entries ( double click to make the registry entries) and   replace the server.cfg file in the folder were NFS is installed with the third file (server.cfg).
  5. Download Tungle.
  6. Install and run Tunngle. [if your windows don’t support this tunngle version, google it]
  7. In the network search field of tunngle search for ”most wanted” and select the appropriate result.
  8. Make sure the the speed.exe is run in XP  mode [ right click > Properties> Compatibility] and run it.
  9. Now enjoy multiplayer


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